Travelers from around the globe visit Tanjung Bira to explore its beautiful underwater world.

Throughout the year, the changes in water temperature attract a diverse number of sea creatures. Lucky divers have even spotted Whalesharks during the best diving seasons.
With many different sites to choose from, there are options suitable for all types of visitors.
From coral gardens to deep walls to sandy sites – Bira has it all for Scuba Divers.
For Snorkellers, there are a number of shallow coral gardens located on the house reef and nearby islands.
In recent months, Tanjung Bira has been attracting a new ocean sport – FreeDiving. Although there are no FreeDiving courses available just yet, those who are FreeDiving enthusiasts find Bira to be the perfect place for their beloved hobby.


We do not run our own dive centre at Bara Beach Bungalows, however there are 3 Dive Centres located just minutes from our resort.

South Sulawesi Divers – (Next door to our resort)
Bira Dive Camp – (3 minute walk on the beach)
Blue Planet Dive Centre – (3 minute drive away)